What is Akete

Akete, the Lagos Festival

Scene upon scene.
Episodes upon episodes.
Lagos never ceases to be a theatre adventure.
With about 20 million unscripted actors, Lagos is a circus of drama, Eko is always ready for show.
And as Lagos celebrate 50 years of existence, Akete, the Lagos-centric Theatre Festival, an initiative of National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP), Lagos Chapter, in collaboration with Touchstone Limited makes a grand entry.
New stars will be born.
New vistas opened in the annals of global theatre festivals.

Why Akete?

It is Akete because as Lagos is like no other city, this theatre festival is like no other because it is 100% Lagos-centric.
Akete is an annual Lagos-centred threatre festival with the first edition designed to also honour the memory of Late Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi. This threatre festival is positioned to evolve as a global event owning definite date and presence on the international art and culture calendar.
The performing arts world is about to be hit with a festival that will situate Lagos and Nigeria on global map of creativity. Let the tourism industry get ready. Let Lagos prepare for a harvest of ancillary opportunities.

What Akete brings to Lagos

Rivet the searchlight of international media on Lagos.
Upsurge in the patronage of the hospitality industry.
A stellar platform for our youth to blossom.
The crucible for new literature laureates.
Akete is set to redefine art and culture in Lagos.
Africa will not be able to contain it.
It will ripple through the world.

Let’s seize this opportunity.
Akete, the theatre festival is here!